M&P Tenders i.e. Machinery and Plants Tenders are those tenders in which railway zone procure the machines and plants. These tenders are large-value tenders. A machine is a combination of Basic Machine and its Concomitant Accessories, Essential Spares, Essential Services, Optional Accessories, Optional Spares, Optional Services and AMC. 

In M&P tenders published through IREPS, required quantity of Concomitant Accessories is equal to the required quantity of Basic Machine. Quantity of Spares and Services may be different from the quantity of the Basic Machine. In some tenders required quantity of Basic Machine may be zero because in such tenders railways wants only Accessories/Spares/Services/AMC for the Basic Machine for maintenance etc.

Registered vendors can pay the Tender Document Cost (TDC) amount online or offline. After submitting the Tender Document Cost vendors can submit the techno-commercial part of the tender online. After that vendor can submit the rates for the items in the tender i.e. financial bids online which are the main part of the tender. Vendors can submit their bids anytime before the closing of tender. 

 How to register with IREPS application as a new vendor? 

To participate in the e-tenders published by different Zonal RailwaysProduction UnitsRailway BoardCOREDMRCKRCLMRVCL etc. vendors need to be registered on IREPS. There is no Registration Fee for vendors to register with IREPS.

 How to see Live M&P Tenders on IREPS website? 

You can see the all live M&Ptenders published through IREPS application but you can participate in only those tenders which are open (advertise) type or you have been invited by tender publishing authorities for tenders other than open type. To see all live M&P tenders please Click Here.

 What are the different type of Evaluation Criteria for M&P Tenders?

The ranking process of a tender depends on the Evaluation Criteria of the tender. Only complete offers with valid bids will be considered for ranking process at the time of tender box opening. Your offer is complete or incomplete it depends on the Evaluation Criteria of the tender. In case of M&P tenders there are three type of Evaluation Criteria. For more details please Click Here.

 How to pay the TDC for M&P Tenders in IREPS? 

Vendor users need to pay the Tender Document Cost (TDC) for M&P Open Tenders (Advertise Tenders) to view the complete Tender Document and to proceed further for bidding. For more details please Click Here.

 How to pay the EMD for M&P Tender in IREPS? 

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) can be paid through manual payment or exempted. Vendors can pay the EMD amount through manual payment in INR. EMD amount can be paid in parts also. For more details please Click Here.

 How to submit Techno-commercial Bids for M&P Tenders? 

Techno commercial bidding process contains Eligibility Criteria, Terms & Conditions, Attach Documents, Commercial Deviation, Technical Specification, Technical Deviation, Special Conditions & Checklist, and Performance Statements. To submit the financial bids vendor user have to submit all the tabs marked with * which is mandatory. All the data of techno-commercial bid becomes encrypt before submission. Techno commercial bids can be updated anytime before closing date/time of tender. For more details please Click Here.

 How to submit Financial Bids for M&P Tenders?

After completing the techno-commercial bidding part vendor user can proceed with the financial bidding process. Click on Financial Offer tab to see the details about the items and evaluation criteria. It is important that vendor users submit their financial bid according to the evaluation criteria because consideration of the offers depends on the evaluation criteria. There are three types of evaluation criteria in IREPS application for M&P Tenders. For more details abou financial bid submission process please Click Here.

 How to submit revised offer for M&P Tenders? 

You are not permitted to edit/change their financial bids for an item once it is signed and submitted to the system using your Digital Signature Certificate, as the Financial Bid details are stored in an encrypted form in the server.  However, you have been given the option of Revised Bid using which the previous bid can be revised. In the case of revision, you will not go to change the submitted rates actually, you will submit a new bid for that item and your previous submitted bid (original bid) will be superceded and will not be considered for ranking. For more details please Click Here.

 How to submit an Alternate offer for M&P Tenders?

Vendors are not permitted to edit/change their financial bids for an item once it is signed and submitted to the system using their Digital Signature Certificate, as the Financial Bid details are stored in an encrypted form in the server. You can submit the alternate offer for an item anytime before the closing date/time of tender. If you have submitted an alternate offer for a Machine/Consignee then your both offers original as well as alternate, will be considered for ranking.. For more details please Click Here.

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