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Indian Railway Electronic Procurement System (IREPS) is the Application Software of Indian Railways for online activities for procurement of Goods, Works & Services, Sale of Materials, and Leasing of Assets through the process of E-Tendering, E-Auction or Reverse Auction. The application allows users to capture data at various levels of the procurement process in a secure manner using various security features like digital signature, digital encryption certificate for encryption and decryption of data etc. The application can be accessed with valid user ID and Password in combination with a Digital Signing Certificate. The application is divided in different work areas depending upon the nature of activity viz. Supply and Services, Works, Leasing, Auction Sale etc. 

Here you can find the process details related to Goods & Services (Supply) Tenders like New Vendor Registration, Tender Search, Download Tender Document, Tender Document Cost (TDC) Payment, Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Payment, Bid Preparation and Submission Process, Financial Bid Submission, View Offers and Tabulations.

 How to register with IREPS as a new Vendor for Supply Tenders?

To participate in the Goods & Services e-tenders published by different departments of the Indian Railways vendors need to be registered on IREPS. There is no registration fee for vendors to get registered with IREPS.

For more details please Click Here.

  How to View Live Goods & Services Tenders?

Anonymous users or any registered vendor can see the Tender Document of the live supply tenders by clicking on the Tender Number link, the tender document will be opened in PDF format. You can also see the Tender Documents of tenders closed in last one year. Please follow the below links for more details:


  How to Login into IREPS Application as a Vendor?

Vendors who have already registered themselves with IREPS, and have got the E-Mail for Username / Password from EPS Admin can login into IREPS application. For more details please see the below links:

 How to See the Corrigendum for Goods & Services Tenders?

A Corrigendum is divided into three parts for showing conditions which have been modified, deleted or added. If the advertised value of the tender is changing due to the corrigendum, the same along with the revised Earnest Money and Tender document cost are also shown in the corrigendum. For more details please click on below link:

 How to make the TDC&EMD Payment for Goods & Services Tenders?

Vendors need to pay the Tender Document Cost (TDC) to proceed further for bidding. For open tender option to pay the TDC amount is shown to all the bidders, and for Limited, Special Limited, and Single tender it is available only to those firms who have been sent the tender enquiry for the tender. For more details please click on below link:

 Bid Preparation and Submission Process

If you are authorized to bid against a tender, you will get an icon Bid Process against the tender in searches and in your inbox folder ‘My Tenders (Live)’ after login. The bidding page can only be accessed after making payments for TDC and EMD, and clicking on Bid Process icon before making the requisite payments takes the user to the payments page. After the payments towards EMD and TDC have been made by the user, clicking on Bid Process icon opens the bid preparation and submission interface. For more details please click on below link:

 How to Submit a Revised Offer for Good & Services Tenders?

You can submit a revised offer for an item, for which you have already submitted the financial bid. You can revise your offer any time before the closing of the tender. In the case of revision, you will not go to change the submitted rates, actually, you will submit a new offer for that item and your previous submitted offer (original offer) will be superceded and will not be considered for the ranking. You can also revise the submitted revised bids. For more details please click on below link:

 How to View Offer and Tabulation of a Good & Services Tender?

If you are a registered contractor/vendor on IREPS and participated in a tender then you can view your offers submitted against a tender only after tender box opening. After tender box opening, you need to login into IREPS system to view offer and tabulation. For more details please see the below link:

 How to submit Negotiated Bid and Counter Offer Tender?

 How to Reset Password and Change DSC of a user?

If you have forgotten your password then you can change it using your Digital Signature Certificate (DSC). You can also change your DSC if it has been expired. For more details please see the below links:

Last Updated: May 02, 2019

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