Friday, March 29, 2019

Goods & Services Tenders: How to View corrigendum List Issued in a Tender?

A corrigendum is a change/modification/update in the tender document after publishing the tender. You may see the list of corrigenda published in a tender by clicking on the Corrigendum List icon. This icon is displayed in My Tenders (Live) and My Tenders (Closed) Folders in Middle body of the Bidder Home Page and in the Search Tender page for all published tenders, for all tender types. Clicking on this icon opens the Corrigendum page, whereby the users can view the list of all the corrigenda that have been issued after publication of the tender. Clicking on the View Corrigendum details icon in Action Column of this page opens the individual corrigendum letter.

A Corrigendum is divided into three parts for showing conditions which have been modified, deleted or added. If the advertised value of the tender is changing due to the corrigendum, the same along with the revised Earnest Money and Tender document cost are also shown in the corrigendum.

Last Updated: March 29, 2019
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