Friday, March 29, 2019

Goods & Services Tenders: How to Change Digital Signing Certificate (DSC) of a User?

Change Digital Signing Certificate (DSC)
  • Digital Signing Certificates have limited validity. Users may be therefore required to change their DSC. This can be done through the link available on the login page as shown below:

  • Clicking on the Click Here to Change your Signing Certificate brings up Change Digital Signing Certificate page as shown below:

  • The user is required to enter his User Name and Password on this page and click on Submit button. This opens a new page as shown below.

  • Hitting the Click here to Update your Digital Signature Certificate button opens the web signer applet as shown below:

  • Please select the Old Certificate which the user wants to replace from the list of certificates (this will show up only if the DSC token is already inserted into USB drive of the computer), and click on Select button.

  • This opens another signer window on which you are now required to select your new certificate (which appears in the list if the DSC token is already inserted in USB drive of the computer), and click on the Select button as shown below

  • This changes the certificate and you will get a message to this effect as shown below:

  • This completes the process of changing DSC.


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