Wednesday, December 12, 2018

IREPS YouTube: New Vendor Registration on IREPS for Stores/Supply e-Tenders (Latest Video)


  1. I am retired COS Engineering Branch, and assist Contractors in their E-tendering. I learn that two packet system of e tendering is for above 10 crores, where as I see that some of the railway department is going for even 2 crores. Many a case I see that the non UUSOR item are being exhibited as atPar, Above, Below and in lumpsum. Which is not correct. The authorities when enquired give a wage reply. Secondly whether all the appendix from 1 to 22 are to be downloaded signed and uploaded in case of two packet system as basically this happens in manual tender. This clarification has not been given or doubts cleared. Further in case where the L1 has no credentials, L2 with credentials are to be processed. But, it is seen that the whole tender is re-tendered and the contractors once again have to pay the CTF which not correct. For the safety of the officers this procedure is adopted. Why this should not be taken under PLI case. Please forward the comments to

  2. How to arrive EMD through MSME. Norms to make payment of EMD under MSME scheme.