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Works Tenders: Bid Preparation and Submission Process

If you are authorized to bid against a tender, you will get an icon Bid Process against the tender in searches and in your inbox folder ‘My Tenders (Live)’ after login. The bidding page can only be accessed after making payments for TDC and EMD, and clicking on Bid Process icon before making the requisite payments takes the user to the payments page.

After the payments towards EMD and TDC have been made by the user, clicking on Bid Process icon opens the bid preparation and submission interface.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 01
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 02
This page consists of different tabs i.e. General, Eligibility, Compliance, Attach doc, Fin Offer and Submit Offer. You can switch between the tabs by clicking on the tab name in the Tabs bar. You have to submit all the tabs, submission process for each and every tab shown below:

 General Conditions

This is the tab that opens when you clicks on Bid Preparation and Submission (Bid Process) icon, after searching the tender or from your inbox.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 03
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 04
The General Tab has a panel named Bid data Save & Prefill Options. The user is required to tick the check box against the label Save Data in Local File if he intends to save a copy of his offer while filling up the various forms of bidding page, or if he wants to keep a copy of the submitted bid. This is an optional facility, and may be helpful in the following situations:
  • If the bidder is not in a position to prepare the bid and submit the same in a single sitting, and wants to save the partially prepared bid for later use.
  • If there is a possibility of power failure or internet connection failure during the process of preparing a bid.
  • If the bidder intends to save a copy of the submitted bid for his reference.
The General tab contains details like Tender Calling Authority, Name of work, Period of Completion and Validity of the offer, General Instructions and Special Conditions.

You need to tick the check box at the bottom of this page as a mark of acceptance of these conditions. Clicking on the Confirm button at the bottom of the page (or Save as Draft button if Save data in Local File option has been selected) freezes your inputs. However, you have the option to change the entered data by clicking on the Edit button (which becomes active only after Confirm/ Save as Draft button has been clicked). 

 Eligibility Conditions

The eligibility tab shows the eligibility conditions that have been included in the tender by the tendering department. 
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 05
If your confirmation is required on any of the eligibility conditions has been included by the tendering department, then you have to select Yes/No radio button as a mark of compliance. If such confirmation is not required by the tendering department, the radio buttons will not be available for that condition. 

If the tendering department while creating tender document has allowed inserting remarks against any of the condition, text input box will be available for the condition. However, if the tenderer has not allowed remarks against the condition, such input box will not be available to you. Remarks are mandatory if no option is selected by you in complied column.

Depending on the choice exercised by the tenderer while preparing tender the document uploading icons will appear in the Action column. It may be mandatory or optional depending on the choice of the tenderer.

After choosing the compliance radio option (if allowed by tenderer), entering the remarks and uploading the documents you have to click on the Confirm / Save as Draft button.

 Compliance Conditions

The Compliance tab shows the Technical Compliance, Commercial Compliance and Miscellaneous compliance conditions that have been included in the tender by the tendering department.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 06
The process is same as given above for Eligibility Conditions.

After choosing the compliance radio option (if allowed by tenderer), entering the remarks and uploading the documents you have to click on the Confirm / Save as Draft button.

 Attach Doc Tab

The Attach Doc. Tab allow you to upload miscellaneous documents against the tender. You should only upload those documents through this tab which are relevant to the tender for which you are going to submit the bids.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 07
Bidders should refrain from attaching general documents like Company profile etc. through this tab. Such general document like company profile etc. should be uploaded only once through the View / Upload documents link in the Documents section in the left navigation block of the Home page as public documents. All such public documents uploaded by the bidder can be seen by the tendering authority.

Please enter the description for the document in the relevant field, and click on the Select file to Upload button. This will open PDF Signer window. 
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 08
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 09
The documents uploaded through this page will appear under the heading Bidder’s documents (attached through current tab). All the documents attached by you through other tabs (Eligibility, Compliance etc.) can be seen by clicking on the link Bidder Documents (attached through other tabs) at the bottom of this page. The uploaded documents can be viewed / downloaded by clicking on the file name of the document. The delete icon in the Actions column allows you to delete any uploaded document.

 Financial Offer

Clicking on Fin. Offer tab brings up the Financial Offer Page where you can submit your rates against the schedule items included in the tender as shown below:
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 10
The bidder has to fill in his quoted rate against each item in the Bid rate/Unit rate column. If the bidding unit is Above/ Below/ Par, the bidder can select the %Above, %Below or %At Par option from the drop down list in the same column.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 11
If the bidding rate is Rs. or Rs./ unit, the bidder has to quote his rate for the item group or individual item accordingly. The gross value of the bid is calculated at the end of the item list. The bidder can also offer the rebate (in %age) on the Gross bid value, in the rebate field provided on the page. The Net Bid value is calculated by applying rebate on the Gross bid value. The offers are ranked on the basis of the Net Bid value.

After filling in the rates and rebate, the bidder has to click on the Confirm/ Save as Draft option.

 Submit Offer

Clicking on the Submit Offer Link in the Tabs Bar opens the last tab which is meant for final submission of the offer by you as shown below:
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 12
On the opening of this page, the Undertakings/ Declarations to be given by you are displayed. You are required to click on the checkbox at the end of Undertakings/ Declarations as a mark of acceptance of these Undertakings/ Declarations.

A Checklist is also presented to the bidder listing out some of the critical parameters to be checked by you before submission of his offer.

The Undertakings/ Declarations and Checklist may vary from tender to tender, depending on the tendering department’s requirements, and there is a possibility of there not being any Undertaking/ Declaration/ Checklist item for a tender.

On ticking of the checkboxes the Undertakings/ Declarations & Checklist sections collapse as shown below. The sections can be expanded again by clicking on the + buttons shown on the page.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 13
The Digital Signing Certificate Token of the bidder should be inserted into the USB drive of the computer before proceeding further. The bidder is required to enter his file reference and click on Encrypt and Submit button to submit his bid. This will open up the Web signer for Digital Signing of the offer.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 14
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 15
Select your Digital Signing Certificate, and enter your DSC token password if prompted to do, and click on Select button. You bid will be encrypted, and then it will be submitted to the IREPS database server. You will receive a confirmation regarding bid submission, and the list of data, documents submitted will also be displayed as shown below. You will get the Bid ID for successfully submitted bids, please note the Bid ID and keep safe for future references if required.
Bid Preparation and Submission Process 16


  1. what is bidder file reference ?

  2. 'Bidder File Reference No' is a file no. for your reference e.g. you can make a file to keep the all documents and screenshots related to a particular tender and give this number to that file.

  3. Hello ,while the submission of bid ,in eligibility column it doesn't showing yes or no click button, what does that mean?????? Please reply soon

    1. It means you should fulfill this condition if you submitting this tender, railway does not want any Confirmation from vendors regarding this criteria.

      In tender document you can see the details of different criteria and you will find that Confirmation Required column will shown value No, if there is no confirmation required and in this case you will not find any button like Yes or No. If comments/remarks also not allowed then it will be written in the column Remarks Allowed as NO.

      Please read the tender document carefully and you will be able to find the reason as described above.

  4. How to edit submitted indian railway tender form. We have submitted tender for engineering services but it took good services automatically while submitting tender form so we want to change into engineering works in the submitted form. Can you please help me and share your ideas!! Would be more appreciated if anybody respond shortly

    1. Hi Syed,

      You can submit the revised bids in these cases. Please follow the below link for more details:

      How to Submit a Revised Offer for Works Tenders?

  5. सर , टेंडर भर देने के कितने दिन बाद उसका comprative (Fin Tab) आता है .

    1. Comparative statements will be available after tender box opening and generally railway opens the tender on the same day of tender closing.

      You can see the Tender Closing Date/Time in the tender document. For example a tender having Closing Date Time: 22/05/2018 10:00 hrs then comparative statements for this tender will be available around 11:00 hrs on 22/05/2018.

  6. Some tender shows bid process icon and some doesn't shows.
    My targeted tender doesn't show bid process icon. Why?
    How can I fill that tender?

  7. Replies
    1. Limited Indigenous are those tenders in which can participate Indian vendors only.

      Click on below link to see more details that who can participate in limited tenders:

      How to participate in Limited, Bulletin, PAC etc. tenders?

  8. my bid is successfully submitted and i have the lowest price in the financial tabulation, so whats the next process?

    1. Tender decision committee will decide the tender and if found suitable to you (L1) then tender will be awarded to you.

  9. NO GSTIN OF Purchasing authority or Consignee address and Contact number is mentioned on Purchase orders issued by different Railway Zonal offices neither What all documents to be submitted to consignee for forwarding bills for payments .

  10. Consignee address and Contact number is not mentioned on Purchase orders issued by different Railway Zonal offices neither What all documents to be submitted to consignee for forwarding bills for payments .
    Supply Bill Format-2817 is different of all Railway Zonal offices why they are not posted in Websites of All Zonal Railways to help vendors Download the same so that they can submit there bills for payments more efficiently .

  11. The Issued Purchase Orders should have comple details GSTIN , Consignee full address contact No. what all Documents to be submitted for stores & Payments .
    This will fecilitate vendors to work more efficiently .

  12. Hi i am truing to submit a bidprocess e tendor works western railway, but it is showing some document hv not been uploade, in eligibility conditon first 2 column it s showing mandotory but even it has named as NA, and affidavit of 3rd column i hv submitted, and the tendor cost is around 17lakhs, wher financial and technical creadibilty s not required, pls let me know wat kind of document can be uploaded in those 2 columns, and this is my first tendor in railway works

    1. In such cases, please contact to the tender inviting authorities.

  13. This blog is really great. The information here will surely be of some help to me. Thanks!. licitación electrónica

  14. Downloaded Digitally signed Receipt Note are valid for submitting for payments alongwith Tax Invoice to FA & CAO or Original consignee Signatures with Stamp is required on R.Note to be submitted to FA & CAO . Please clarify Urgently

  15. AN error occurred while uploading doc, "it could be due to already bid submission against the token" this error


    1. You were facing the issue because that day there were some issues on IREPS website and every user faced the same error while submitting their bids.

  16. the action button of emd and bid process is not shown against of the tenders. plz help

  17. Technical deviation or commercial deviation, how to fill ? give me example by photo , How to decide that product is imported or indigenous ?