Thursday, July 28, 2016

IREPS YouTube: How to Login into IREPS Application as a Vendor/Bidder for Supply Tenders?

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System


  1. dear sirs, It is unfortunate that IREPS machinery has evolved a particular norm that leads the Vendor nowhere. we are one of the suppliers to Southern Railway since 1954 till May 2014 when due to misoperation of the system, we failed miserably despite our strenous effort having had obtained theE Token in the name of the proprietor being Sirkali Krishnamurthi Balasubramanian against the name of the organisation name Eskeby and company,both of which are required by by IREPS. After the introduction of system in 2009 as Mandatory with DSC and enscrption regd. At the expiry of dsc which was in the name of both duly regd in Token, We committed a mistake in having the DSC in personal name forgetting the significance of organisation name,In this context due to mis operation by our Associates having had paid therequisite fee second time with Emudhra,the Token contained only personal name with which we are not able to quote since web page does not open the result of which we lost innumerable chances to quote our competitive rates especially all these two and half years threby other Vendors have taken advantage of our absence in the bid thereby the Railway has lost several lakhs in the course of this period. our DSC issued by Emudhra has validity upto dec2016 with which we request the ireps to quote and after the expiry of the same we will renew new dsc and encrypt.We are least bothered about incurring expenditure third time, but we stand on principle that how that IREPS machinery does not understand to identify a genuine issue and only give a categorical and parrot reply our Registration southern Railway is 14345. In the circum stances your marketing in E mail regularly is funny and to be mocked at by intelligensias. I am sorry, I am least bothered about business but wonder how there are clever people in the world on the cross side. kindly reply taking this issuein a cordial way without affecting the interest of the Rly. Eskeby and company 40/46 Anderson st,chennai.600001. Prop. SKBalasubramanian 9840960269.. Thank you.