Sunday, June 19, 2016

IREPS Works Tender: What is the Use of Upload/View My Documents?

After successful login, the Bidder can see the Upload/View My Documents link the Left Navigation Block of his home page. Contractors are allowed to upload their public documents through this link. The user can upload his public documents like Company profile, Approval Exemption Certificates, List of M&P/Personnel etc. The user can also upload and store such documents which he has to attach with tender documents repeatedly (private documents).

Clicking on the Upload/ View My Documents link in the Documents section in the left navigation bar opens the upload documents interface as shown below:
IREPS Works Tender Bidder View Upload Documents
Users are required to enter the Document description, and Document Version. The category of the document can be defined in the Document Type field. The permitted categories are Company Profile, Approval/ Exemption Certificates/ List of M&P/ Personnel and Others. The user also has to specify whether the document will be visible to himself (Private Documents) or will also be visible to the users of the tendering department (Public Documents). If ‘Myself only’ option is selected, such documents cannot be seen by the users of the tendering department till these documents are attached by the contractor with his bid against a tender. The user has to select and sign the document to be uploaded by clicking on the Browse option. The file to be uploaded will be shown in the text box against the label Select Document to Upload. After the name of the selected file appears in the in the text box, the user has to click on the Sign & Submit button to complete the process. The uploaded documents and other relevant details are shown in the lower pane. 

The user can Edit document attributes, Upgrade the document, Archive the document or view document history for upgraded documents by clicking on the appropriate icon in the Action column. Archived public documents are no longer visible to the users of the tendering department, and cannot be attached by the user with his bids. Upgrading the document archives the current version of the document and the new document uploaded takes its place. 
Last Updated: June 19, 2016
IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System


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  2. what is Document description, and Document Version?

  3. Document Description: It describes the document i.e by seeing the description one can easily find that what could be content of the document.

    Document Version: It is for maintaining the version of the document. For Example, if you have uploaded a document named "XYZ" first time then give its version 1.0. If this document has been updated in future then upload again this document "XYZ" with version 2.0 and after successful upload of 2.0, 1.0 will be archived.