Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Reverse Auction Tender Box Opening Process

After submission of techno-commercial bids by vendors, the tender can be opened after its closing date/time. Tender box opening process for reverse auction tender described below:

 Tender Box Opening Process

Search the tender through Quick Search or Advanced Search and click on Tender Box Opening icon. You can also search the tender in your Tenders Pending for Opening inbox available on your logged in home page and click on Tender Box Opening icon to proceed further. Tender Opening process is similar to normal two bid system e-tenders. After clicking on Tender Box Opening action icon, page for password and digital signature certificate authentication page will open.
Reverse Auction tender Box Opening

After authentication of tender opening officials, suppliers list with their technical offer and tabulation will open as shown below. Dealing Officer (Convener of Tender Committee) is assigned just after the opening of the Techno-commercial Bids.
Reverse Auction tender Box Opening 1

This assigned officer will later scrutinize techno-commercial bids and schedule RA. He can re-assign the case to some other officer also. After saving convener RA tender status will change to ‘Under Evaluation’ and this tender case will make available in the assignee officer’s inbox ‘Tender Cases Under Technical Evaluation for Two Packet System and Reverse Auction’ from where will perform further activities.

 Activities by the assignee officer

There are three action icons available Finalize Techno-commercial offers, Re-assign Case, and audit trail. The Convener can reassign the case to another officer for technical evaluation. The case is also available in concerned Department Administrator’s inbox also, If assigned convener is not available to evaluation the case then the same case can be re-assigned to some other officer by department admin.

After evaluation of techno-commercial bids, the assigned officer will be required to enter suitability of techno-commercial bids. On clicking action icon ‘Finalize techno-commercial offers’ technical evaluation page will open as below:
Techno-commercial bid finalization

 Closing of Reverse Auction Tender

The assignee officer can view bidding process. After auction closing date and time lapsed the identity of all participating vendors will be disclosed. Now railway user can close the RA bidding process by clicking on button ‘Close Bidding Process’. Tabulation can be generated by clicking on tabulation icon or view offer icon in railway user’s inbox ‘Tenders Opened’ or from quick or Advance search options.

After the closing of the auction, based on the last bids of each vendor, financial tabulations, and offers will be generated and made available to all concerned users. 

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System


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  2. How to extend the validity of offer if online decision is not done within validity of offer.