Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to schedule a Reverse Auction Tender for Bidding?

After tender box opening, tender assigned to convener for technical evaluation of techno-commercial bids. Like Two Packet System convener first, evaluate the techno-commercial bids of vendors by seeing their techno-commercial offers. Convener (railway user) can find such tender cases under the folder "Tender Cases under Technical Evaluation for Two Packet System and Reverse Auction" on his logged in home page. On clicking action icon ‘Finalize techno-commercial offers’ technical evaluation page will open as shown below:
Reverse Auction Scheduling

On this page, the status of techno-commercial bids will be declared as approved or rejected. Reasons for rejection will be required to be entered. Following parameters will also be set on this page:
  • Auction start date/time: Auction cannot be started on the same date i.e. minimum one day later from today’s date.
  • Auction closing date/time: Duration of auction i.e. difference between start and closing date/time must be minimum 30 minutes.
  • Maximum Number of auto extensions: If any bid is received in last minute of bidding then closing time will be extended for next 5 minutes. Maximum 5 such auto extensions can be fixed.
  • Minimum Decrement: Minimum decrement is fixed in percentage. The first bid can be submitted for any amount. Next bid will have to be less than the existing bid by this fixed percentage of existing bid amount.
IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System

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