Tuesday, January 05, 2016

How to submit Financial Bids for Supply Tenders in IREPS Application?

Vendors registered with IREPS can submit their financial bids for live tenders. Before going to submit the financial bids first, you need to pay the TDC & EMD (if required) then submit the techno-commercial bids and after completion of these, you will be able to submit the financial bids. 

Follow the steps given below to submit the financial bids for supply tenders.

 Search the Tender Through Advance/Quick Search

First, log into IREPS application and then search the tender in which you want to submit the financial bids. For more details about tender search Click Here.

 Pay the TDC and EMD amount

Pay the TDC & EMD amount (if applicable) to proceed further. Click Here to know more about TDC payment process and Click Here to know more about EMD payment process.

 Submit the Techno-commercial Bids

Submit the Techno-commercial bids to proceed further. Click Here to know more about techno-commercial bid submission process.

Now you are ready to submit the financial bids. 

 Submit the Financial Bids

Note: Ranking process of a tender depends on the Evaluation Criteria of the tender. Only complete offers with valid bids will be considered for ranking process at the time of tender box opening. Your offer is complete or incomplete it depends on the Evaluation Criteria of the tender. There is four type of Evaluation Criteria in the case of supply tenders for more details please Click Here. For example, we have taken a tender having Itemwise/Consigneewise evaluation criteria
  1. Click on 'Financial Offer' tab after submitting all mandatory tabs of the techno-commercial part.
  2. Click on 'Submit Offer' link against the item for which you want to submit the financial bid.
  3. Financial Rate page will open for that item, enter the values of Basic Rate, Discounts, Charges, Quantity etc.
  4. Click on 'Submit Offer' button and you will see the total value of the offer for the item, click on OK button.
  5. It will ask to sign the page after encryption of data that you are going to submit.

  6. Select your Digital Signature Certificate to sign and submit your rate for this item
  7. On successful submission, you will get the 'Bid Id' with 'Bid Reference No'. Click on 'Click Here to Continue' button to submit the bids for other items or submission of an alternate bid or revision of submitted bids.
  8. Click on 'Submit Offer' link to submit the bids for rest items.
Once Financial Bids submitted in the IREPS system you can not modify it but you can submit the Revised Offer or Alternate Offer for that item.


1. Input given in remarks field will not be calculated in the preparation of tabulation statement. Hence, users should not enter any input like the discount, any type of charges etc in the remarks column.

2. Deviation if any, to the item description, may be quoted in deviation page.

3. You can take print of the financial offer for your reference before clicking Sign & Submit but it cannot be treated as evidence of submission of the offer as the same can be altered between printing and clicking Sign & submit.
IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System

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