Tuesday, December 29, 2015

How to submit Techno-commercial Bids in IREPS tenders?

Vendors can participate in tenders published through IREPS website if they are registered with IREPS application as a vendor. Any vendor can participate in Open Tenders (Advertise Tenders) but only invited vendors can participate in tenders other than Open (Advertise) type. To submit the financial bids for a tender, vendors need to submit the Techno-commercial Bids first after paying the TDC and EMD (if applicable). Complete process is given below that how to submit the Techno-commercial Bids for a tender:

Search the tender through Advance Search or Quick Search or go to 'My Tenders (Not Yet Closed)' inbox from your home page after logged in. Pay the TDC and EMD amount and after that click on 'Enter to Bid' button or 'Bid Process' icon to proceed further for submission of techno-commercial bids.

Techno-commercial bids divided into 8 parts that are Eligibility Criteria, Terms & Conditions, Attach Documents, Commercial Deviation, Technical Specification, Technical Deviation, Special Conditions & Checklists and Performance Statement. The part shown with * are mandatory to sign. Once you have signed and submit all mandatory parts then you can proceed further for financial bidding, if you have not signed all the mandatory tabs then you will get an alert message on clicking financial offer tab.

1.  Eligibility Criteria

You need to select one radio button (Yes or No) corresponding to each and every eligibility criteria that you are complying or not for that criteria. In case if you are not complying eligibility criteria then remark is mandatory for that.

  • Select the radio button for each eligibility criteria and enter remarks if selected 'No' for any.
  • Click on OK
  • Select your Digital Signature Certificate to sign.
  • After successful submission, you will get the message "Eligibility Criteria Saved Successfully"
  • If you want to modify/edit the submitted data then click on 'Decrypt & Edit' button, after modification you need to sign and submit the data again.

2.  Terms & Conditions

  • Click on 'Copy Tendered Conditions' if you want to accept the same as offered by railway. In the case of any deviation you can modify the copied tendered conditions or you can enter your terms and conditions.
  • Now 'Sign & Submit' this part by your Digital Signature Certificate.

3.  Attach Documents

  • Here you can attach your all documents related to this tender in PDF format. You can upload the document from you system or from your repository/library by clicking on link 'Upload Document from your Library'.
  • Now 'Sign & Submit' this part by your Digital Signature Certificate.

4.  Commercial Deviation

  • If you have any deviation from commercial clauses then you can enter the details here by referring that clause. You need to sign each and every deviation that can be modified later also.
  • If you don not have any deviation then check the check box corresponding to no deviation and sign and submit it.

5. Technical Specification

Submission process of this part is same as submission of eligibility criteria. If any technical specification not added in tender then submission of this part is not mandatory.
Note: For M&P tenders submission of the technical specification is mandatory.

6. Technical Deviation

Submission process of Technical Deviation is same as submission of Commercial Deviation.

7. Special Conditions & Checklists

Submission process of this part is same as submission of eligibility criteria.

8. Performance Statement

  • You can submit the details of your past orders as performance statement.
  • Alternatively, you can attach the scanned copy of you orders through attach documents tab.

9. Financial Offer

After successful submission of all parts of the techno-commercial bid, you can proceed further for submission of financial bidding.

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System


  1. After successfully submission of tender when i entered into NIT result the last column of attached document failed i.e verification failed can u help me, I am not able to understand how to resolve it.

  2. I M UNABLE TO ATTACH DOCUMENTS. Dialog showing message read only pops up. Please suggest how i can resolve this.

    1. These was some issue on ireps and they have resolved the issue, now you can upload the documents successfully.

  3. any sample tender screen shots available

    1. Screenshots are already given in the above post with details.

  4. how to know who is the winner of any bid? or to whom tender is allotted?

    1. You can easily search the Awarded Contracts as described in the link given below:

      Search Purchase Orders or Contracts on IREPS

      Click on below link to go directly on the PO search page:

      Search Purchase Order (PO)

  5. Hi, I am unable to find that exactly what all documents I need to upload in eligibility criteria and others, please help with this. I want to fill some tenders, but am totally unable to do so.