Monday, December 07, 2015

Do you know all these about Indian Railways e-Procurement System (IREPS)?

Do you know all these about IREPS?

  • More than 8,06,538 Tenders issued through IREPS.
  • More than 28,951 Vendors registered with IREPS for e-tendering. 
  • More than 2,231 Bidders registered with IREPS for e-auction.
  • Scrap of more than 6,504 Crores sold through E-Auction on IREPS.

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System

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  1. IREPS is modifying/ extending its e-Procurement Software, when would they freeze the e-Procurement Application and get it certified by STQC (Guidelines for compliance to Quality requirements of eProcurement Systems - 31-08-2011). Till this IREPS installation (e-Procurement Software and Hardware) is not certified, how can it be claimed to be Secure, Transparent, and Compliance to GFR, CVC and IT Act 2000 and its amendments. The Ministry (Minister) should look into this and get IREPS certified from STQC. Please refer URL: