Monday, June 08, 2015

IREPS e-Tender: How to search and view e-tender from IREPS application?

IREPS users can search the tenders using Quick Search or Advance Search options available on Both types of users registered and non-registered (anonymous) can use this advance search to search the tenders but options are limited to non-registered users.
  • Quick Search: To search the tenders through quick search you need to give the minimum three characters of the tender number or PL No. (Item Code) as input. 
  • Advance Search: To search the tenders through advanced search you do not need to give any input i.e. you can search the tenders through advanced search by selection of different search criteria.

Anonymous user will be able to view NIT for all published tenders. Logged in vendor users can view NIT for all published tenders but can submit the bids for open tenders and all other tenders addressed to him/her. Logged in Railway user can view all tenders (irrespective of Railway/department, tender type) except that he/she will be able to view draft tenders pertaining to only his/her sections.


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