Saturday, June 06, 2015

IREPS e-Tender: How long will it take to get user id and password for vendors after registration with IREPS Application?

IREPS  requires minimum three (3) clear working days to accept or reject a new vendor registration request. User Id (email address provided during registration) and Password will be sent to vendor's e-mail address provided by them during the registration process. For any clarification (like VAT No. etc.) IREPS may ask for the related documents on email. If all information provided by vendor found appropriate then your registration request will be accepted by IREPS and you will get an email containing the user id and password.

In case of any difference provided by the vendor and that available in the digital signature used during registration or submitting duplicate registration or failed to provide the document(s) asked by IREPS, the registration request will be rejected and an email will be sent duly assigning the reason of rejection.

Note: Vendors are advised to furnish correct and valid e-mail address which currently being used by them, otherwise email containing Password may not be received by the vendors due to furnishing of invalid e-mail id during the registration process.


  1. Hi
    I have registered Our Firm on IREPS we got confirmation mail from IREPS in that mail they have given one Link to set New Password but when I click that Link it opens new window but one error occurs i.e. site cant be reached now
    I have tried it in Internet Explorer & Google Chrome Both But the link is not Working
    Pls tell me how set new Password For First time

  2. is it possible to speed up the approval process (in one day), we have a tender that needs to be submitted soon.