Saturday, January 03, 2015

IREPS e-Tender : How to search tenders through Advance Search on IREPS?

IREPS users can search the tenders using Advance Search option available on Both types of users registered and non-registered (anonymous) can use this advanced search to search the tenders but options are limited to non-registered users. To search a tender through advanced search on do the following:

Anonymous User: Anonymous users can see the only published live tenders through the advanced search. If you are not a registered ireps user then do the followings to search a tender on ireps using advanced search:
  1. Open the home page of ireps i.e.
  2. Click on the E-Tender tab to open the E-tender home page.
  3. Click on the Advance Search link available on this page to open the advance search page.
  4. Search Criteria: Select the search criteria from the drop down box it could be Tender Number, Tender Title, PLNO (Item Code) or Item Description, if you know the exact word/number which you want to search, select Equals from next dropdown box otherwise select Starting with.  

    Search for: Enter the text which you want to search in the box 'search for', please note that this is case sensitive so if you want to search 'bolt' then write it in the box it will search only bolt with given criteria and it will not search BOLT, Bolt, boLt etc. 

    Railway Zone: select the railway zone if you know that that tender belongs to that particular zone or if you want to search the tenders from that particular railway/zone. Now click on the show result button to see the search result.

    Department: Select the department of the selected railway zone by default it will be searched for all departments.

    Tender Status: Non-registered users can select only Published tender status for other status users needs to log in on

    Bidding System: Users can select the Single or Double Bid System from drop down box by default it will search for both.

    Select Date: Select Tender Uploading Date from drop-down if you want to search the tenders uploaded between the dates selected by you and select Tender Closing Date if you want to search the tenders having a closing date between the dates selected by you.
    Now click on the show result button to see the search result.
  5. Click on the tender number to download the Tender Document (To see/view the Tender Document Adobe Reader should be installed on users system and pop-up blocker should be turned off in browser settings, for more details please click here.).
Registered Users: Registered users can search the tenders through the Advance Search link available in the left navigation block on logged in user's home page. Registered users can search all tenders which may be published, opened, dropped, PO placed etc. 

Action icons will come on the basis of tender type, tender status, user type etc, i.e. registered users may get different action icons for different tenders and it is also possible that users may get different action icons for the same tender at the different time (tender status becomes changed now).

Note: If you do not know anything about the tender then just select the Railway Zone and date range to search the tenders. It will show you all live tenders of that particular Railway Zone.

Last Updated: July 23, 2016


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