Friday, August 08, 2014

IREPS e-Tender : How to view Tabulations and Offers on IREPS (for Railway Users)?

After tender box opening railway users can view the Financial and Tecno-commercial Tabulations (Comparative Statements), Vendor's Offers, Payment Reports etc. but there are some conditions.

Financial and Techno-commercial Tabulations: Financial and Techno-commercial tabulations will be available to railway users for all tenders published and opened on ireps. Railway users can see/view the Financial and Techno-commercial Tabulations of other railways tenders as well as own railways tenders.

Financial and Techno-commercial Offers: Finacial and Techno-commercial offers will be available to railway users for all tenders of his own railway. Railway users can not see/view the vendors offers for other railways tenders.

Payment Report: Railway users can see the payment report of all tenders of his/her own railway only, he/she can not view the payment report for other railways tenders. Users can view the Payment Report any time after the publishing of tender.

To see/view these tabulations, offers, payment report etc. Railway users can go to the folder 'Tenders Opened' for tenders closed in last 180 days otherwise he/she can use the Quick Search or Advance Search to search the tenders, links for these searches are available in the left navigation of logged in user's home page. Payment report can be view anytime after publishing the tender.

Note: To see/view the tabulations, offers, payment report etc. Adobe Reader should be installed on users system and pop-up blocker should be turned off in browser settings, for more details please click here.


  1. Can both the manufacturer and the dealer participate in the same tender. Is that allowed in Railways

    1. I think it's not allowed as of now but soon the initiative can be taken over..Great question.