Monday, July 28, 2014

IREPS E-Auction : "AUC 022 Updation failed please try later after some time..." Error on IREPS

Problem: Many bidder could face "AUC.022 Updation failed please try later after some Lien feature on IREPS

Location: Currently this Error has been reported only in Lien Marking / Lien un-Marking.

Solution:   Please follow below mentioned steps:-
  1. This error belongs to SBI end which mean "Previous lien status not available.Please try later."
  2. Request Bidder to, please lodge your CINB complaints through
    --> Corporate Banking --> Login --> Customer Care/Mail Box --> Compose -->
    Choose Subject/Nature of Issue --> Lodge your complaint.
  3. This error will be resolved by SBI only so Please contact to SBI Customer Care.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sale through E-Auction crossed 4,000 Crore, More than 400 Crore Funds Transferred Online.

Monday, July 21, 2014

IREPS e-Tender : Updation of email id after getting registered on IREPS.

Vendor users cannot change/update their registered email id after registration. Please contact IREPS Helpdesk for more information.

It is suggested to vendors, please fill the registration form carefully to avoid these situations.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

IREPS e-Tender : Why vendors are not able to submit their bids for some tenders on IREPS?

First, vendors need to register on to participate in tenders published on ireps website. Any registered vendor can participate in bidding before tender closing date/time for open tenders (advertise tenders) published on ireps website.

For tenders other than open type (advertise tenders) only those registered vendors can participate in bidding which are addressed/included in tender by tender publishing authority. If vendors were addressed or included in tender then they should get mail/message after tender publishing
So if vendors are not able to submit their bids for a tender then it means either they are not registered as a vendor on or tender is of other than open type (advertise tenders) and they are not addressed for that tender.

Friday, July 18, 2014

IREPS e-Tender : What is the difference between Single Bid System and Double Bid System in IREPS?

There is two type of bidding systems available in IREPS, Single Bid System, and Double Bid System. The bidding system of a particular tender is decided by tender publishing authority at the time of tender publishing and it cannot be changed once tender becomes published.

For vendors, there is no difference between these two in terms of bidding process but makes the difference when it's come to the comparative statement. The main difference between these two is in tender opening process which is described below in details:

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Participate Online in Global Tenders Published by Indian Railways

Now, Foreign vendors can participate online in Global Tenders published by Indian Railways. To participate in these tenders, foreign vendors first need to register on Indian Railways E-Procurement System website through the link 'New Vendors' available on the home page of the website

Foreign vendors can pay the Tender Document Cost amount online or offline. After submitting the Tender Document Cost, vendors can submit the techno-commercial part of the tender online. After that vendor can submit the rates for the items in the tender i.e. financial bids online which is the main part of the tender. Vendors can submit their bids anytime before the closing of tender. 

Financial rates data will be submitted in the encrypted format and digitally signed by vendors Digital Signature Certificate. No one can see the financial rates once submitted, even vendor itself will not be able to see the rates that which he submitted, only he can revise the rates or can submit an alternate offer. After the closing of tenders, tenders will be opened by tender opening officials of Indian Railway's and after that, it will be visible online to all participated vendors depending upon tender type that whose bid is lowest.

Required Documents for Foreign Vendors to get DSC

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System