Thursday, May 01, 2014

IREPS E-Auction : Mismatch of Lien Balance between SBI and IREPS

Problem: Many bidder could face "Mismatch in available lien amount between SBI and IREPS"

Location: Currently this Error has been reported only in Lien Marking.

Solution:   Please follow below mentioned steps:-
  1. It seems that due to communication problem Lien success status was not received at IREPS end and at IREPS end actual lien balance is not updated.
  2. There is feature in IREPS callled "Lien Synchronization" when vere any bidder enter bidding password to enter into the bidding room, IREPS checks actual balance available at bank end, in case of any difference IREPS balance updated equal to SBI balance.
  3. Even if Lien synchronization do not work properly and bidders feel there is still mismatch in amount, kindly conatct to SBI or IREPS Helpdesk.

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