Thursday, March 13, 2014

Important Notice for E-Auction Bidder’s Using “CC/OD Type” of SBI Account

It is for kind intimation to registered bidder’s of IREPS who are using CC/OD type of SBI account for Lien feature. SBI has informed that CC/OD account type should be changed “Current Account” type.

It is requested to contact your SBI branch and cross verify that you are not using “CC/OD Type” SBI account, if so open a new or change existing account. Once new account have been opened please contact to IREPS Helpdesk and they will guide how to map / link your new SBI account with IREPS.

Please note that IREPS account mapped with “CC/OD Type” SBI account will be disabled in near future.

In case of further clarification on this matter you can contact to IREPS Helpdesk team but we request you to first verify from your SBI branch.

Thanks & Regards
IREPS Blog Admin

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