Thursday, November 03, 2011

Please give your feedback about IREPS

Your feedback is important to us.

Please give your feedback/suggestions about


  1. IREPS site a nice site through this we can bid from our home at any time even in late night also.

  2. the sites and applications that made or maintain by cris are very nice & correct.
    Really IT expertise lies with CRIS.

    I always appreciate reservation software made by CRIS/ railways.

  3. In spite of having a valid DSC, we are not able to add new vendor user to our profile.

    1. Dear User,

      Please tell me which type of problem/error you are facing during creation of a new vendor user and what is the name of your company/firm.

    2. Even I am not able to register as a new vendor. I have a valid DSC.
      1.Click On New Vendor
      2.Webpage where it shows to select the DSC
      3.Shows the DSC
      4.Entered password
      5.Again opens the same webpage as mentioned in step2.