Indian Railways E-Procurement System (www.ireps.gov.in) is an official website of Indian Railways for procurement of Materials. Railway users can upload their tender documents and can open tenders online. Registered Vendors can access the tender documents through this site and submit their bids online duly encrypted at client machine itself. Authorized Vendors can view tabulations online. They have been provided facility for SMS alerts/email alerts for important events. Vendor users can also make electronic payments for Tender Document Cost through Direct Debit Facility of State Bank of India.

 How to register with IREPS application as a new vendor? 

To participate in the e-tenders published by different Zonal RailwaysProduction UnitsRailway BoardCOREDMRCKRCLMRVCL etc. vendors need to be registered on IREPS. There is no Registration Fee for vendors to register with IREPS.

 How to search the tenders on IREPS?  

IREPS users can search the tenders using Quick Seach or Advance Search option available on www.ireps.gov.in. Both types of users registered and non registered (anonymous) can use this quick search to search the tenders but options are limited to non registered users. For more details please Click Here.

 How to download Tender Document? 

Anyone, who can access the www.ireps.gov.in download the Tender Documents published by Indian Railways through IREPS application. To download the tender document first you need to search the tender through Quick Search or Advance Search after that click on tender number to view or download the tender document. Anonymous users can see the tender document only for live tenders but registered users can see the tender document for all tenders after logged in on www.ireps.gov.in. For more details please Click Here.

 How to view Financial and Techno-commercial Tabulations ? 

Financial and Techno-commercial Tabulation can be viewed only after the tenders have been opened by authorized Railway officials. There are some criteria for vendors to view the Financial and Techno-commercial Tabulation/offer. For more details please Click Here.

 How to pay the TDC and EMD in IREPS Tenders? 

Vendor users needs to pay the Tender Document Cost (TDC) for Open Tenders (Advertise Tenders) to view the complete Tender Document and to proceed further for bidding. You can pay the TDC amount online. For more details please Click Here.
For Global Tenders please Click Here.

Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) can be paid through manual payment or exempted. Vendors can pay the EMD amount through manual payment in INR. EMD amount can be paid in parts also. Online Payment for EMD is not available currently. For more details please Click Here.
For Global Tenders please Click Here.

 How to see live tenders by their type or organization? 

You can see the live tenders by their type or organization through the links provided below. These links are available on E-Tender home page of www.ireps.gov.in.