Sunday, February 28, 2016

How to register with IREPS application as a new Contractor (Vendor/Bidder for Works Tenders)?

To participate in the works/contracts e-tenders published by Indian Railways vendors needs to be registered on IREPS. There is no registration fee for vendors to get registered with IREPS.

Please follow the steps given below to register with IREPS as a new Contractor:
  • Open the home page of IREPS application by typing the in the address bar.
  • Click on 'Proceed Button'. Please note that you are required to arrange the Digital Signing Certificate before proceeding further.
    New Contractor Registration 02
  • Insert your Digital Signing Certificate (DSC) in USB drive of your computer, and click on the Proceed button shown in the above image, which will bring up the web signer.
  • Click on the DSC of your firm, and click on Select button. This will open the registration form. Please choose the option Works Tenders in the field named "Type of tenders in which you are interested". Please note that if you choose any other option (i.e. Supply/Stores Tenders) in this field you will not be able to participate in the Works tenders. Fill up the other details in the forms and click on Sign & Submit button.
    New Contractor Registration 03

    New Contractor Registration 04
    New Contractor Registration 05
  • Please carefully check the details on the pop-up message that opens, and click on OK button.
    New Contractor Registration 06
  • If the details have been correctly filled in, you will get a confirmation message.
  • If you have any other associated unit / office shown in the list you can associate the same with your account. Otherwise, click on Skip & Finalize button.
  • After successful submission of the form, you will get a vendor registration request id, you must quote this id for communication with IREPS Help Desk if your request is not being approved within 3 working days.
  • Once your request will be approved by IREPS you will get a confirmation email from IREPS containing the password, user id will be your email id.
  • If details submitted by you was not found appropriate then your application will be rejected by IREPS and you will get an email regarding this with the reason of rejection.
Note: Vendors are advised to furnish correct and valid e-mail address which currently being used by them, otherwise email containing Password may not be received by the vendors due to the furnishing of invalid e-mail id during the registration process.

Note: E-Mail ID entered herein will be the User Name for the purpose of logging into the website. This user name cannot be changed or modified after successful registration. The login password and all important messages will be sent to you on this E-Mail ID only. Please use only a valid and regularly used E-Mail ID, and enter the E-Mail ID carefully to avoid any inconvenience.

IREPS: Indian Railways e-Procurement System


  1. Hey.. while trying to hit 'proceed', i am getting this error
    " Failed to open Websigner: Object doesn't support property or method ". I reinstalled java, but it didn't help.

    1. Dear user,

      Which browser you are using? Please use Internet Explorer, you may face problem on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox etc.

    2. Internet explore shows the same..."Failed to open Websigner: Object doesn't support property or method ".

  2. Hi,
    I am register work category on IREPS and try supply/store register category but IREPS show my company already registered in IREPS. Pleases help for supply/store under category register.

    1. Dear User,

      If you are registered as contractor for works tenders on ireps and want to register as a vendor for supply/store tenders then please follow the below process:

      1. Use a different Email ID for new registration.
      2. Your company name should be different from that name which is already registerd. IREPS system when checks the company name it takes the name of the company along with its city i.e. if name of your company is ABC and city is XYZ then it checks your company name as ABC+XYZ.

      Example: If you are registered as a contactor for works tender with company name CRIS and city New Delhi then you can register as a vendor for supply /store tenders for same company name with diffirent city name that may be New.Delhi or New. Delhi or New .Delhi etc.

  3. How can we change email id for registering in store/supply tender. This is our user ID.

    1. Vendor users cannot change/update their registered email id after registration. Please contact IREPS Helpdesk for more information.

  4. 3 days after do not send to enquiry.plese help

    1. Click Here to see the IREPS Helpdesk email id and contact numbers.